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Product ID: TA_1611B
455 20cc SRP FORGED PISTON.038
455 20cc SRP FORGED PISTON.038

    Our Spherical Dish piston is specifically made for Street/Strip 455 combinations. This unique piston is precisely made for us by the world leader in high performance piston manufacturing. The design of these pistons allows for a press or floating pin configuration on stock, forged or billet rods. They yield approximately 9.8:1 compression on most 455’s using stock `67-`74 (68-70 cc chambers)and approximately 10.2:1 compression with our Stage 1 and Stage 2 (64 cc chambers) series heads. These pistons on average weigh 856 grams with the wrist pin which is almost 200 grams less than a stock piston with pin and 130 grams less than the production forged piston with pin.
    Many high end machining features that are commonly found in Pro Stock pistons are incorporated in the TA Spherical Dish piston. For example: The top ring land has multiple grooves machined into it which results in a Reduced Contact Area, thus reducing the drag on the piston. An Accumulator Groove is incorporated in the second land between the top and second rings, this feature displaces compression gasses that can cause ring flutter. Double Pin Oilers scavenge oil from the oil ring then utilizing internal passages to direct that oil into the wrist pin boss. Oil Return Holes in the oil ring groove return excess oil to the crankcase through the underside of the piston,this feature also aides in the cooling of the piston. Contoured Skirts remove unnecessary material to reduce weight. These pistons also have a specially Cam Ground Body, this procedure makes the piston slightly out of round. By doing so the loads of the piston are distributed more evenly which greatly reduces the stress on the cylinder sleeves and is attributed to reduced cylinder wall breakage. The most unique and exclusive feature of these pistons is the 20 cc Spherical Dish. The Spherical Dish, unlike a conventional stepped dish, directs the forces of the combustion gas's to the center of the piston. This in turn forces the piston down straighter plus the energy is concentrated down the centerline of the rod for a more efficient, horsepower improving cycle. Lastly, these pistons incorporate generous Valve Reliefs that will accommodate almost any valve lift.   
    Like many of our products, we truly believe this is the best product for the money. There are other, less expensive pistons, but for the little bit you save you are losing out on some additional features that really DO make a difference in the power and durability that your combination is capable of. Many of these features are omitted or beyond the capabilities of other piston makers. Additionally,  these features usually are expensive options, but we have worked diligently to make them TA standard features.

Key Features:

  • 20 cc Spherical Dish
  • 2.00 Compression Height
  • Reduced Contact Area
  • Accumulator Groove
  • Double Pin Oilers
  • Oil Return Holes
  • Contoured Skirts
  • Cam Ground Body
  • Valve Reliefs
  • 856 Gram w/ Pin 

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Price: $695.00

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