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 TA Performance Products
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Stock and Stainless Steel, Standard and Oversized Valves for Buick V6 & V8 production and aluminum heads.

Valve Springs

Stock and Performance Single and Dual Valve Springs for Buick V6 & V8 Engines. Roller cam springs included.

Cam Accessories

V6 & V8 Cam Hardware, V6 Timing Chain Tensioners


V6 & V8 Hydraulic, Solid, and Solid Roller Camshafts


Hydraulic, Solid, Rhoads, and Roller Lifters


Non-Adjustable, Stock and Adjustable Pushrods

Valve Train Accessories

Valve Stem Seals, Valve Keepers, Retainers and Spring Locators

Roller Rockers

Roller Rocker Arm Assemblies, V6 Roller Rocker Arm Assemblies and Nailhead Roller Rockers

Rocker Accessories***

Roller Rocker Replacement Parts, NEW Replacement Rocker Assemblies, Reconditioned Replacement Rocker Assemblies, Replacement Nylon Buttons, Replacement & Heavy Duty Rocker Shafts, Rocker Shaft Bolt and Stud Kits,


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