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Product ID: TA_4550-3.25M
455 Buick Aluminum Cylinder Block
455 Buick Aluminum Cylinder Block

    TA Performance is proud to introduce our new, all aluminum 455 Buick engine block! This block has been specifically designed for every engine build imaginable. There are three versions of the TA aluminum 455 block available, a stock replacement version, a raised cam version, and a raised cam, tall deck version. Each block has been designed to use every big block head available, from stock iron heads to our Stage 1 through 4 heads. All available big block intake manifolds will still fit on the stock and street/strip block, however a new intake manifold will be required when using the race version of the TA 455 block due to the increased deck height.


Differences between the blocks:

  • Stock block has standard mains, cam, cam height, 10.570” deck height that can be lowered to 10.200”
  • Raised cam block has 3” mains and uses a 54mm Ford cam bearing, cam has been raised 1.035” to 6.080” to allow for longer pushrods & larger strokes, 10.570” deck height that can be lowered to 10.200”.
  • Raised cam, tall deck block has or 3” mains and uses a 54mm Ford cam bearing, cam has been raised 1.035” to 6.080”, tall deck height of 11.700” that can be lowered to 11.200”. This block will allow strokes up to 5.750”
All blocks have:
  • Up to a 4.500” bore (starts at 4.310”)
  • 6 bolt head pattern around the bores
  • Pickup tube has been relocated towards the front
  • Dry sump IN provisions at the front and rear
  • Priority oiling (mains get oiled first)
  • Valve train oil restriction provisions at the top rear4 bolt mains, center studs are 9/16” dia and splayed studs are 1/2”dia
  • Dual bell housing bolt pattern to fit Chevrolet, B.O.P and newer GM type transmissions
  • Added Material for strength throughout the block
  • Extremely lightweight yet stronger compared to an iron block
  • Lifter bores can be re-machined for key slot type lifters


Please Note:

  1. You must modify your stock oil pan to fit the extended oil pan rail on all blocks, or use a TA 1511TA  oil pan.
  2. All blocks come with 4.340” bore sleeves installed, but 4.300” bore sleeves are available upon request for an additional $300.00
  3. All blocks will require the following finishing machine work to fit your individual application: main lines honed to size, bore and honing the cylinders to fit your pistons, machining the block deck.

Block Version: Buick Main/Buick Cam
Ford Main/Buick Cam
Ford Main/54mm Cam
Solid (No Water) (+$300.00)
Raised Cam (+$701.00)
Solid Raised Cam (No Water) (+$1,001.00)
Raised Cam, Tall Deck (+$1,201.00)
Raised Cam, Low Deck (+$1,201.00)
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Price: $6,699.00

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