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Product ID: TA_2028A-AL

Our SFI approved balancers are of the Encapsulated Elastomer type and are specifically made for Buick engines, not retrofitted Chevy balancers. Our balancers fit like originals and use original type pulleys, while giving you the security of a high performance balancer that can handle the most severe combinations. Our Turbo V6 balancers incorporate the crank sensor ring for proper triggering. Most are available as original type External balance or as Internal balance for higher end combinations.

Economy Series

TA 2028A Series does not clear block girdle applications

Information About Harmonic Balancers 

    Harmonic balancers are designed to dampen engine vibration by transferring the vibration through the rubber liner to the outer ring, much like the way wrapping a rubber strap around brake rotors and drums when turning them. The rubber strap dampens the vibration which allows for a nice smooth cut. When performance is being increased (higher compression, larger cam, headers, intake manifold, etc.) the harmonic tone of the engine is changed.
    Balancers that appear to have dried, hardened, cracked rubber liners, or misaligned outer rings can no longer do the job they were designed to do. Exposing old, weathered balancers to a changed harmonic tone can cause the outer ring to walk off and explode into pieces. This can cause serious damage, especially at high RPM, having the engine drop drastically out of balance or puncturing a tire, oil filter or radiator hose. Cars that run quicker than 11 second E.T. and/or have more than 500 hp should use an SFI balancer. All others should be replaced with a stock specification balancer. Inspect your balancer carefully. If weathered or worn, replace it.


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Price: $265.00

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