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Product ID: TA_1704
Oil Pump Shim Kit
Oil Pump Shim Kit

TA's Oil Pump Shim Kit allows you to fine tune the end play of your oil pump gears for maximum oil pressure! A clearance of 0.003" between the oil pump gears and the oil pump cover/booster plate is desired, but often times it is much greater than this due to varying gasket thicknesses or a worn timing cover. Use this shim kit to achieve the desired clearance to maximize your oil pressure by reducing pressure loss from oil escaping around the ends of the oil pump gears. Kit includes .005”, .008”, and .009” paper gaskets plus 7 Mylar gaskets in the following thickness’: .001, .0015, .002, .003, .005, .0075, and .010. Fits all but Nailhead.

Tech Tip: After opening up the oil pump, always pack the oil pump cavity with petroleum jelly, NOT grease and prime the pump with a primer tool such as TA 1509 prior to running the engine.

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Price: $35.00

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