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Home » Oiling System » Oil Pickup Tubes

Product ID: TA_1520E
62-66 401-425 OIL PICKUP TUBE

    TA Performance offers high quality original replacement and performance oil pick up tube assemblies. Recommended for most rebuilds. Many early small and big block Buicks used 1/2” oil pick up tubes, this was barely adequate for stock engines. Even Buick engineers recognized this issue and went to 5/8” oil pick up tubes on `72 and later 455’s. TA highly recommends upgrading to 5/8” oil pick ups on most re-builds. Ask a TA Technician about this popular upgrade.
    Both TA 1520A and TA 1520C are manufactured for TA Performance. TA 1520C is a TA Exclusive item made specifically for center sump oil pan applications such as the `67-`70 Riviera and other fullsize cars of that generation.
    TA 1520F is a replacement pickup tube for use with our fully fabricated deep sump oil pan. Please not this is not the correct tube for stock oil pans that have been modified.
    TA V1520B is specifically for use with our TA  V3800 Series aluminum block.

Special Note

    On applications that use a center sump oil pan and have additional power over stock, we recommend modifying the oil pan for increased capacity and oil control at the sump, especially around the pickup.
    We found that when additional power is put to these cars and the car is driven hard there are some oil concerns. When the front suspension unloads under heavy acceleration all of the oil was rushing out of the sump area. It is more prevalent on the center style pans because the sump is so shallow compared to the rest of the pan.
    Though a pre-made pan or modification kit is not available, we encourage those with these applications to have a fabricator enlarge the sump and incorporate horizontal baffles to help control the oil from leaving the sump under acceleration as well as hard braking/deceleration.

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Price: $155.00

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