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Product ID: TA_1236QJ
SP3 350 Single Plane Intake Manifold, Quadrajet

If you're looking for more seat-of-your-pants performance, the SP3 is your ticket to power.

After years of research and development, TA Performance is excited to release our new Single Plane, Air Gap Intake Manifold for the 350 Buick!  Dubbed the “SP3”, this is a hybrid intake manifold featuring the runner design of the SP1 and the Air Gap of the SPX.  Like our SP1, the SP3 runners are long and narrow to keep air velocity up, and the last 2-3 inches of runner are straight to direct the air and fuel right at the valves.  This means faster airflow and less fuel dropping out of the charge, which results in better throttle response and less low end power loss normally associated with single plane intake designs.  In addition, the SPX air gap design allows cool air to circulate around the runners, eliminating heat transfer from hot oil splashing on the bottom of the intake.  This will reduce intake air temperature and improve  power and efficiency.

This intake has been a long time coming; a true performance oriented (single plane) intake manifold for the small block Buick.  Since 1983, the only major performance part for a 350 Buick was the dual plane intake.  While a great improvement over stock, it has it's limitations as far as top end power.  Great for the street, not ideal for the track.  With that in mind, initial testing of the SP3 resulted in a 25HP improvement over the TA Stage 1 dual plane 350 manifold as well as a broader power curve that extends well into the high RPM band.  This means quicker E.T.'s at the track and more pep on the street.  As such, the SP3 is the best choice for 350+ HP combinations that will be street/strip or full race with power bands that peak between 4500 and 6500 RPM.  However it will perform equally well on a mild engine because of the more free flowing and efficient runner design compared to a factory intake manifold.  If you have a bone stock engine, the Stage 1 dual plane intake will be a better choice, but if you have a larger cam, headers and other performance upgrades, the SP3 is a great option.  Other features of this intake include two additional water ports at the back of the intake for use with temperature gauges or electric fans and fuel injector bungs, enabling fuel injection setups.

Note: SP3 intake is 1" taller than our Stage 1 dual plane intake, 1-5/8" taller than stock. Factory GS air cleaners may not fit on some cars, trimming of the foam scoop inserts will be necessary.

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Price: $485.00

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