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Product ID: TA_1200
SP1 Holley Intake Manifold
SP1 Holley Intake Manifold

This intake is the best choice for 400+ HP combination's that will be street/strip or full race with power bands that peak between 5000 and 6500 RPM. Performs equally well on the street as well as in competition, this single plane intake manifold makes power from idle to 6200 RPM out of the box and with a match port job this intake will run to 7000 RPM. The runners are long and narrow to keep velocity up, and the last 2-3 inches of runner are straight to direct the air and fuel right at the valves. This means faster airflow and less fuel dropping out of the charge, which results in better throttle response and less low end power loss normally associated with single plane intake designs. In most cases, each runner is capable of flowing more air than the cylinder head can deliver, ensuring that the intake is not a restriction. This feature also allows for a stronger "draw" on the carburetor to fill the plenum more efficiently. Each SP series intake also incorporates a "turtle shell" (convex) plenum floor, this feature aides in deflecting the incoming charge towards the individual runners for increased velocity.

The S.P. Series intake manifolds have an open plenum. SP-1 Models fit ALL factory iron heads as well as TA's Aluminum Stage 1 and Stage 2 Street Eliminator Heads.

**SP-1 Series intake manifolds are 1-3/4" taller than stock**

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Price: $485.00

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